Miao Li

Marketing & Communications Consultant
Digital Strategiest & Content Curator

About Me

I'm Miao, a marketing and communications consultant based in Washington D.C. metro area.

Also a nature-lover, design-thinker, tech-geek and modern-art-follower.

My decade of communications experience ranges from branding, digital marketing, media relations, market research, message development, event management to advocacy campaigns.

I offer strategic communications, branding, digital marketing, stakeholder relations and advocacy counsel to companies and organizations.

My digital marketing work has covered targeted audiences and driven desired results for clients on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and targeted digital outlets at minimum costs. I know how to create egaging digital content with creative graphics. I’m also a certified Google Analytics and Google AdWords expert.

My media outreach work has appeared in international and national media outlets, including the Economist, Financial Times, Reuters, China Daily, the New York Times and the Washington Post.

I've worked as communications consultant for Environmental Defense Fund and International Fund for China’s Environment, and account manager for HAVAS. I also served as investor relations officer for a public-listed internet company and managed technology startup projects for an angel investment firm.

My Skills

Creative, technical and analytical, I have these in my toolbox.

Graphic & Visual

I use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign and Canva for graphic design, and Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Web & email

I can read and write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I've used MailChimp and worked with developers on Drupal and WordPress websites.

Digital Analytics

A certified Google Analytics expert, I enjoy working with data. I use Excel to create charts and graphs.

Digital Ads

I've managed digital ads on Facebook and Twitter and have obtained Google AdWords certificate.

What I Do

The advent of digital age has leveled the playing field of brand marketing and communications. Companies and organizations – large or small, established or new – share equal access to a plethora of communications tools, email, search engine, social media, etc.

A marketing and communications expert can help you optimize ROI by concentrating your marketing efforts on a relatively smaller but specific and well-defined segment of audiences. The same principle applies to a wide range of campaigns, whether the goal is to grow your customer base, raise money from donors, or engage with stakeholders.

Here are what I can help you with:

– Strategic marketing and communications planning

– Digital marketing, including email marketing, Google AdWords and social media marketing

– Social media content creation and curation

– Website development and content creation

– Media relations

– Event planning and management

My work

Check out these selected examples of marketing and communications projects that I've worked on recently.


Here are some of the organizations that I've orked with.

Environmental Defense Fund Advocacy, Digital Marketing
International Fund for China's Environment Strategic Planning, Social Media, Web Development
Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation Social Media, Digital Analytics
Sustainable Ocean Alliance Event Management
China France Committee Strategic Planning, Media Relations
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